Farmers Branch

Farmers Branch is located in Dallas County and is part of the Fort Worth metroplex. If you’re interested in exploring Farmers Branch, continue reading to discover four of the top rated attractions in Farmers Branch.

A handy guide to visiting Farmers Branch:

Explore John F. Burke Nature Preserve:

John F. Burke Nature Preserve offers 104 acres of wetlands and forests to explore. There are three scenic trails to complete. The River Trail Loop, the Pond Trail Loop, the Thicket Trail Loop. All of which are less than a mile, so you’ll be able to complete all three trails in an hour or so. If you decide to visit John F. Burke Nature Preserve, keep your eyes peeled for wild beavers, especially on the Pond Trail Loop. As beavers are frequently spotted in the preserve’s pond. Other animals which you may come across on your nature walk include frogs, herons and butterflies.

Learn about the history of the area by visiting the Farmers Branch Historical Park:

Spend a day at Farmers Branch Historical Park

Farmers Branch has a lengthy history and was the first settlement in Dallas County and was chosen by its founders as it boasted fertile soil and offered a wide variety of natural resources. If you visit Farmers Branch Historical Park, make sure to tour Gilbert House, which was built in 1856 and is the oldest stone house in Dallas County as well as Dodson House, which was built in 1937 and was the home of Farmers Branch’s first mayor. While touring the park, you’ll get to barter for goods at the General Store and will learn about the various challenges that the original settlers of Farmer’s Branch faced.

Throughout the year the park hosts a variety of fun events. Examples of which include The Bloomin Bluegrass Festival which is held during fall and is free to attend and the ever popular Christmas Village. If you visit the park during the festive season, you’re in for a treat as the park will be covered with decorative Christmas lights.

Cool off at Frog Pond Water Park at Farmers Branch:

The Frog Pond Water Park at Farmers beach is part of the Farmers Branch Aquatics Center and is affordable, family-friendly water park. It features a lazy river which you can float down on an inflatable ring and several water slides. If you have young children, they’ll love splashing around on the water park’s wet playground which features a few small waterslides, fun water sprinklers and a bucket that fills up with water before dunking water onto the children below it. If you visit Farmers Beach during fall of winter, the Farmers Branch Aquatic Center offers indoor pools that are open throughout the year.

Watch a live show at The Firehouse Theatre:

The Firehouse Theatre is an award winning theatre and is located in a historic firehouse as its name suggests. If you enjoy watching live theatre it’s well worth catching a show at The Firehouse Theatre which is known for its professional productions.

So if you’re interested in exploring Farmers Branch, it’s well worth visiting Frog Pond Water Park, the John F. Burke Nature Preserve, the Farmers Branch Historical Park and The Firehouse Theatre.

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