Rose Hill

Rose Hill, found in Dallas County, is an area that’s found in southeast Garland in Texas. It was formerly a distinct and unincorporated community in this county but was later annexed in 1970 by Garland.

Rose Hill is a small neighborhood with a few thousand people. Most residents usually rent their homes thanks to Rose Hill’s urban feel. The area has a broad range of parks, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Rose Hill’s suburban neighborhood is majorly made up of small to medium-sized apartment complexes and high-rise apartments. Additionally, there are also single-family homes to cater to the needs of small families.

While most residences here are established, they are not very old since major construction works started in the 1970s. Besides that, a lot of buildings were constructed in the 1990s, 2000s, and some are still being constructed to the present.

Rose hill’s real estate is not only one of the most expensive in the state of Texas but also in the US. The average rent stands at $1,400 while the median real estate price is around $281,500. This amount is over 75% higher than most neighborhoods in Texas.

Demographics and Crime Rate

The biggest ethnic groups found in the Rose Hill area include White Non-Hispanic who make the biggest percentage followed by White Hispanics. The population for African Americans and Blacks is quite low.

This is one of the safest places to stay in Dallas County thanks to the low crime rate. Cases of Burglary and Assault are moderately low. This could be attributed to the fact that most of the population is employed.


The most common occupations are laborer and manufacturing occupations that make up more than 30%. Coming in second is execute and management professional occupations while others are in tech, operation of fast-food restaurants, and working in parks.


This is not a high traffic area hence commuting or moving around is quite easy. Most residents drive their own cars while others mostly opt to use the bus and the train. Besides that, you can miss a notable number of people walking around or using bicycles.


The Rose Hill Garland area is close to many amusement parks and water parks. Some of the attractions that you can visit include:

* Rose Hill Park
* Jack M. Hayes Rose Hill Park
* Audubon Park

Outdoor Dining and Entertainment

Its urban neighborhood means that this area features a blend of different cultures. As a result, there are numerous hotspots where you can sample both local and exotic meals.

There are also numerous entertainment joints and the night scene is quite vibrant. Whether you are looking for a chilled lounge session with cocktails, fried fast food, a celebration avenue, or a place to enjoy the quality and tasty foods, you can find all of these here.

There are also Chinese, Caribbean, Californian, Contemporary European, and Brazilian cuisines among others. Some of the best places where you can dine and entertain yourself include:

* Joe’s Crab Shack
* Red Lobster
* Wildwood Smoke Craft Whiskey
* The Cedar and Vine
* The Lounge Here

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