Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art is a treasure trove that boasts over 25,000 unique works of art, which span 5000 years and originate from every continent in the world. To discover how to plan a day at the Dallas Museum of Art, simply continue reading.

A useful guide to visiting the Dallas Museum of Art:

View the Dallas Museum of Art’s permanent art collection:

Some of the sections which you may want to tour at your leisure include the Classical Art section, the European Art section, the Arts of America section, the Contemporary Art section, the Arts of Africa Section, and the Arts of Asia Section. There’s even an Arts of the Pacific Islands section on offer.

View the special exhibitions on offer:

As well as touring the museum’s permanent collection, it’s also worth exploring the special exhibitions which are on offer for a limited period of time. Some examples of world-class exhibitions that have been hosted by the Dallas Museum of Art include Frida Kahlo: Five Works, Dali’s Divine Comedy, and Matisse: Painter as Sculptor.

Create your own piece of art:

The Dallas Museum of Art offers a wide variety of workshops for adults which will provide you with the skills, tools, and materials in order to create your very own piece of art. Examples of previous workshops include a bracelet-making workshop that taught students how to use elevated knotting techniques to create their own bracelets using semi-precious stones and a workshop that taught students how to create an authentic Mexican buito (wooden sculpture).

Participate in a family-friendly workshop:

The Dallas Museum also features family-friendly workshops which have been designed to help foster children’s creativity. So if you have young children it’s well worth participating in a fun family workshop. Previous family workshops have included Art Babies: Colors and Shapes which was designed to introduce babies to art for the first time and Colorful Collages which allowed children to create their own works of art after viewing the museum.

Grab a coffee or bite to eat at the DMA Cafe:

The DMA Cafe is located in the picturesque Harmon Atrium and offers coffee, wine, soda, healthy wraps, and a selection of both sweet and savory treats.

So if you want to view one of the largest art collections in the country and to have a go at making your own piece of art, make sure to plan a trip to the Dallas Museum of Art.

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