Get Higher Rankings with Faster Site Speed

Check your site speed using Google webmaster tools?

Have you checked your Google Webmaster Tools lately? If your answer is no, than this can be exciting news for you and you might surprised as it can be of assistance to get higher ranking in Google SERP. This is all about your site speed – the fresh concept to determine site placements which will be affixed to Google’s algorithm in the near future.

Google has gone through many experiments on their search results to measure their intuition about “speed matters” over the Internet. Putting ahead a concept of speed they started to analyze users’ behavior when search takes a long time to load. In each area of  the experiments, Google reviewed speed as a competitive advantage. So, this helped to understand the main concern of search results connected with speed and other features. All the lab results had shown the importance of speed with greater insight of it.  Speed as a key factor for Google is driven by factors such as result return time and website loading in the browser.

Now you can easily measure your site speed average time. This can assist your website to comply with Google’s webmaster guideline and latest regulations for ranking factor. Google calls this feature “Site Performance”.

You can access this feature within your account in the tab “Labs” and then “Site performance.

Below is an example of what you will see:


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