How important are videos for your website?

A video in a website tells 10,000 words. That’s a take on that age-old cliché, a picture is worth 1,000 words, but it certainly can be said, if that’s true then it’s true that a video is a picture that is worth 10 times that. No doubt, in terms of potential eyeballs, a good video on a website or a mobile can do wonders!

On why a video is a must-have enhancement, one can reel off many reasons, but these five are some of the best.

Give your website video power:

  1. Marketing is all about engagement. It’s more about how customers connect with your product than how you connect with the prospects. Videos are the go to tools for engaging customer-attention.
  2. Consumers are no longer just computer-savvy; today they are much smarter and today a lot of them use Smartphones. As the web has jumped off the table/lap to reside in the palm, there is a major change in the type of audience who could be trying to view your site . You can now reach millions more people thru their mobile but those people look for things in a different ways. Videos are an easier and smarter way to serve information on mobile platform. (In fact, it’s becoming imperative.)
  3. Both the web and mobile devices have developed into advanced, retina-ready, nature-ready and far more responsive platforms. Plus given that the net is faster, you have opportunities for presenting information in a more appealing and effective way.
  4. You can easily give almost a real-world experience helping the potential buyers to see and ‘experience’ how your product/service works out in the “real world”.
  5. Videos are the last word for instructional content. Imagine, now you can do everything from teaching music to training employees in using complicated machinery. Videos make it as simple as a self-service store.

In summing up, you can tell the story interestingly, improve SEO, and more importantly make sure that your website is presented on more platforms. While video is effective for creating a lasting impression, embedding them properly needs a bit of expertise.

Mobile and Website Video techniques:

Social media has taken over our lives and tablets, smartphones and similar hand-held devices. Social media is also the route to reach a LOT of potential buyers. And the fact is, millions of people access their social media accounts by a mobile device. Here’s is where an efficient web designer makes a difference. A crucial difference at that.

Should the video be implanted using HTML5, which eliminates the use of, embed tags, outside plug-ins and sources? Or, is it better to go for DOM, the Document Object Model, the ideal language-independent and cross-platform convention? As is common with any new concept, there are many experts giving advice. Some swear by JavaScript animation libraries while others favor CSS keyFrames and transitions. So what do you do??

The mantra is this: Whether the video is integrated into an app or plugged into a website, it should:

  1. Play seamlessly and smoothly,
  2. Be compatible with all modern browsers,
  3. Should not slowdown your site,
  4. Must roll freely on mobile phones, desktops and different devices,
  5. Easy to host onsite or via YouTube, Vimeo, or another video sharing platform

Ensuring that rich and memory-intensive content like video does its job correctly is the job for a pro web designer. To learn more about integrating mobile design into your existing site, or to get a free quote, call Red Spot Design in Dallas, TX. Today!

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