Nasher Sculpture Center

In the 1950s, Patsy and Raymond Nasher developed a passion for collecting pre-Columbian art. The couple’s interest in Pre-Columbian art soon blossomed into an interest in the art of sculpture. Patsy and Raymond acquired works sculpted by artistic masters such as Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, and Auguste Rodin. As the Nasher Sculpture Collection continued to expand, Pasty and Raymond realized that it was time to showcase their collected sculptures in a museum. In 1997, Raymond Nasher hired celebrated architect Renzo Piano to design a building across the street from the Dallas Museum of Art that would become the Nasher Sculpture Center. The Nasher Sculpture Center opened to the public in 2003.


In addition to a sizable indoor collection housed in the building designed by Renzo Piano, The Nasher Sculpture Center features a garden that showcases numerous sculptures. The Sculpture Garden features rows of trees that are synonymous with Texas, such as magnolias and live oaks. A fountain gently bubbles in the center of the Sculpture Garden, promoting a feeling of seclusion and serenity in the midst of downtown Dallas. The Sculpture Garden regularly hosts musical performances, artist talks, and other events.


The Nasher Sculpture Center features a diverse collection that showcases the full range of modern sculpture. Realistic human figures such as Aristide Maillol’s_ Night _and George Segal’s _Rush Hour _share gallery space with more abstract pieces such as John Camberlain’s colorful assemblage of shapes and textures entitled _Zaar_. The Nasher Sculpture Center showcases numerous sculptures from celebrated artists who are better known for their work in other mediums. Jean-Michel Basquiat’s cloth-covered sculpture _Untitled_ is a prime example of a work from a painter who produced very few sculptures over the course of his career.

The Nasher Cafe–which overlooks the Nasher Sculpture Center–serves soups, salads, and sandwiches prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Visitors can consume food and drink purchased at the Nasher Cafe in the Sculpture Garden. The Nasher Sculpture Center Store features eye-catching jewelry inspired by the Nasher Sculpture Collection, decorative metal boxes, and art books. The Nasher Sculpture Center offers a collection of YouTube videos that allow visitors to learn more about select Nasher Collection pieces, and design a self-guided tour. The _Nasher Education Times_ is a downloadable in-house publication that informs visitors about Nasher’s happenings. For those enamored with Nasher’s grounds, The Nasher Sculpture Center has an events team that helps visitors host private gatherings.

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