The Dallas World Aquarium

The Dallas World Aquarium is a multi-story aquarium that features rare marine life, birds, reptiles, and even a few mammals. The aquarium aims to promote education and conservation of delicate ecosystems throughout the world. The top floor of the aquarium features a humid replica of South America’s Orinoco rainforest. The main floor showcases marine life from around the world, including brightly colored fish, coral, and a Japanese spider crab with 13-foot arms.


The Orinoco Rainforest exhibit offers visitors a slice of the tropics in downtown Dallas. The Orinoco features free-flying tropical birds, slithering snakes, and sloths coexisting exactly as they would in the wild. One of the most famous residents of the Orinoco exhibit is a critically endangered Orinoco crocodile. Biologists estimate that there may be as few as 250 Orinoco crocodiles left in the wild. The aquarium publicly feeds the Orinoco crocodile once a week to raise awareness.


The Mundo Maya exhibit features marine and land animals from South and Central America such as an Antilles pink-toed tarantula, pink flamingos, and an ocelot. Brown and bonnethead sharks circle Mundo Maya’s waters. The Rainbow-billed toucan is one of Mundo Maya’s most popular residents. Young visitors love Mundo Maya’s brightly colored birds and snakes,


The Dallas World Aquarium’s main floor features several large tanks that house a wide variety of fish and other marine life. The aquarium is the ideal destination for young visitors because it offers ample opportunities to foster an appreciation of marine life from around the world. Young visitors have the opportunity to see their first starfish, or octopus. The Dallas World Aquarium features hourly educational talks that allow visitors to learn more about their favorite animals.

The Dallas World Aquarium features 3 family-friendly restaurants. Eighteen-O-One features food from some the regions featured in the aquarium’s Reef Room. Cafe Maya features delectable Tex-Mex and a stellar view of the pink flamingos in the Mundo Maya exhibit. The Jungle Cafe–located near the Orinoco exhibit–features pizza and other kid-friendly snacks. The aquarium features multiple animal cams so that visitors can catch up with their favorite Dallas World Aquarium residents. Dallas World Aquarium staff often post live footage of various animals on the aquarium’s Facebook page. Aquarium enthusiasts can rent out different rooms of the Dallas World Aquarium for private, catered events. The aquarium hosts private weddings, dinner parties, and corporate events after 6 pm.

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