Your Website is the Digital Window into Your Company

If you’re starting a new company, having an impactful website design should be high on your list of priorities. A professional site will give your company an established, authoritative presence online even if your business is just getting started. First impressions are immensely important; if your website is clunky, outdated, cluttered, or simply drab, you aren’t going to be snagging clients even if they’ve made it to your site.

Your Site Can Grow with Your Business

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Red Spot Design creates beautiful, functional, mobile-responsive websites for startups of any size in any industry. Additionally, we will create a site that can grow with your business. We can start small and scale up incrementally as your business expands and its needs change.

Your Site Will Look Great on Every Platform

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Whether clients visit your site via desktop, tablet, or other mobile device, your site must look uniformly great and perform flawlessly. Websites that have not been designed and optimized for viewing on mobile screens are likely to appear small and confusing at best – scrambled and unusable in the worst-case scenario.

Because a large percentage of visitors to your site will be using their smartphones, it is imperative that your site work at least as well on smaller screens as it does on computer screens. Our portfolio showcases a few of our versatile, mobile-responsive designs that have transformed the online presence of artists, veterinary practices, recipe sites, law firms, technology startups, and many more.

Internet Marketing Services that Direct Traffic Straight to Your Website

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Of course, even the most gorgeous and functional website is useless unless a steady stream of potential customers see and interact with it regularly. This means that online searches for keywords related to your company (and in your geographical area) must direct people to your site as opposed to your competitors’ sites.

In order to make this happen, our internet marketing strategies for startup companies are laser focused on your target customers. We will build you a solid marketing framework with the goal of developing your brand. Our marketing specialists will work to attract traffic that turns into customers, which is known as conversion.

Our conversion optimization plan is different for every company we work with, because each brand has specific and unique needs. Ultimately, the goal of conversion optimization for your startup is to solidify your brand’s image online and to communicate your company’s value to those people who land on your website.

Meaningful Content that Engages Your Audience

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Once we have acquired substantial site visitors that convert into sales for your startup, the next step is turning those customers into repeat customers. Our website content writing team produces relevant blog posts, informative articles, catchy blurbs and image captions.

Well-written content is often the difference between securing a client and being overlooked entirely. Your website content is also a rich SEO opportunity; we will ensure that your content is not only professional and punchy, but also actively helps directs traffic to your site. In addition to written pieces, content marketing can also include videos, infographics, courses, webinars and tutorials.

There are a multitude of moving parts involved in generating a functional and attractive website, and the process can be overwhelming at first. At Red Spot Design, we do more than just build your website; we guide you through each step toward making your site and your brand visible and competitive online.

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