We’re an Evolved SEO Outsourcing Company in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. As Google Evolves, So Do We

All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.

Sun Tzu – Author of The Art of War  circa 500 BC

We don’t make the rules – we just play the game.

In February 2011, Google announced a new algorithm. Announced as an improvement to the end users experience. In many ways it blew the trumpet of reckoning for the SEO industry by making it abundantly clear that the status quo had changed. As an industry, we could no longer expect to do as we’d always done and win. It was time to change, to evolve. So that’s what we did.

We’ve always put our faith not in Googlespeak, which always followed the same path, insinuating that every change was an improvement for the public when the most visible improvement was the the increased control and dominance of Google in the global online ad market. Nor in the regurgitated blathering of the blogging twitterati. We put our faith in the study, testing and research that has kept us at the forefront of online marketing outsourcing in the Dallas/Ft Worth market for many years now.

We’d seen the social media writing on the wall back in 2009 and started then to incorporate processes that included engaging with people thru effective social media management. We placed our focus on securing links that meant something to more than spiders and computers. We wanted links that engaged people and turned them into customers.

Each new update

With each new update we were already ahead of the game and could lead and manage the marketing strategies of our clients with confidence. We don’t have any crystal ball to tell us what is coming, and we don’t have any brothers in law working inside Google to pass us classified information. We simply have the skills and experience to know how to research, analyze and use that data to predict the way the wind is blowing. We can’t see the future any better than anyone else but we do accept that our clients depend on us being right a lot more than we’re wrong. We may not be certain about what challenges will come next BUT what we are sure of  is that we work every day with a LOT of sites with thousands of pages and 100’s of thousands of keywords and phrases and that gives us the insight of seasoned professionals with a long history of success. THAT we put our faith in.

Now the world is finally coming to accept the impact of social media on online marketing and scrambling to devise some kind of scheme to offer to clients who are starting to see the value in what they thought they were paying for waning to the point of extinction. Of course that is not case for all former clients of traditional SEO services. Some of those companies haveEVOLVED along the same lines we have.


Evolved seo is the acceptance that SEO is not about spiders, indexes or even placements. It is the acknowledgement that our job is to generate qualified traffic to our client’s site and convert a substantial enough percentage of that traffic to provide a solid return on investment. Our job is not to just get you a #1 for a highly competitive keyword. Our job is to make you money in a highly competitive and volatile market. We accept that search engine placement is only one part of our job. But superior placement without significant increase in sales is the epitome of futility. We must enhance the client’s image, reputation, brand and customer base. Our efforts have to provide a return in the form of a wider customer base and more sales.

We realize many businesses across the entire Dallas metro have been using various SEO services, some for a decade or more, and are now seeing their traffic decline and watching their competitors take the business that used to be theirs. We also realize that change is difficult for anyone but even more so for companies. And many services aren’t prepared or perhaps even aware of how or what to offer to distressed clients. If the answers to your questions just don’t add up when you compare what you are told to what you are seeing, then it’s pretty likely you’re not dealing with an SEO service that has evolved to keep pace with Google.

We have.

If things don’t sound right to you, why not give us a call. It doesn’t cost anything to look and at the very least you can walk away with a second opinion. That’s the worst that can happen. The best that can happen is that we can show you solid examples of the issues and how we will address them and the  benefits that will bring to you and your business.

We guarantee our results and have for all the years we’ve been serving the Dallas/Ft. Worth market.  But far above the guarantee, it is our philosophy that can make a difference in your bottom line. We call it the DO philosophy

We do the best job we can do

We are proud of what we do

We do what we say we will do.

THAT is Evolved SEO

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