What is a Domain on a Website?

Every business needs an address, and online business is no exception. When you take your brand online, you will come across many terms such as domain, URL, website and many more. These are the instruments required to bring your brand to life on the internet. They mean different things, and in this post, you will learn about what a website domain is.

A website domain is an internet address that you can use as a destination point to receive visitors. It serves like a physical address in the real world. A website needs a domain name so that it can be visited, because without which it won’t be found anywhere on the internet.

A domain name consists of two main elements: the name itself and its extension (.com). The name represents a website to which it points to. Examples of domain names are Google.com, YouTube.com, Facebook.com and so on. When you buy a domain name, you can specify which server it links to.

Every domain registration process is overseen by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). The organization specifies the availability of a domain name extension and has a centralized database that tracks where the domain names link to.

So, a website domain is essentially the name of a website. Most websites have their domain names preceded by the “www” subdomain, although the site will work just as well without the prefix.

You can create an online presence by buying a domain and build a website. This can be done by visiting a domain registrar and searching for a name that’s not used by anyone.

.com isn’t the only domain extension option available, so if by chance the name of your choice with this extension has already been taken, you can go with .net, .co, .ca, .news or any other extension with which your preferred name is available. Your domain registration and ownership will come with a fee that you have to pay annually.

It should be noted that a domain and a website are two different things. In other words, buying a domain doesn’t automatically make you a website owner. No, you only get the name. In order to create a website, you have to purchase a hosting package as well.

These days, there are online web designers that offer website creation with ease. Working with them, you don’t need any coding skills and knowledge. All you need is call them and submit your project details, and they’ll build an ideal website for you.

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