What Twitter Can Do For You

Twitter, a new social media site, is a promotional tool for you or your business.  “It gives you frequent answers to one question: What are you doing?”  An answer to a simple question can connect you to many people.  With a feature like that of MySpace and Facebook, Twitter allows you to send out to the masses what you’re doing.  That’s it.  An update to that question does many things.  It keeps people informed; there is no limit as to how many times you update.


It relates your message to those within your network, but it also grabs on to other networks, which then grabs on to others and the cycle continues.  It gives updated information on your whereabouts and new information that is important to your viewers.  Twitter has now gone mobile so people in your immediate network or extended network can know what you’re doing when they’re on the go or when you are on the go.  Have a new business idea?  Post it.  Want to share a business idea?  Post it.  It’s a convenient way to let people get updated with your goings-on as a business in a mobile world.

With more and more people signing up for Twitter everyday, it is a good idea to ride its momentum.  Over a million people use Twitter, including businesses.  This is just one of many ways to promote your business over a wide-open web.

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