Custom Web Design for Frisco Texas Liquid Fertilizers Company

agritec international web design frisco texas

Visit the AgriTec International Website – agritecint.com

AgriTec based in Frisco Texas, came to Red Spot Design with an outdated website that was difficult for them to update.  They wanted a new fully customized website with integration into the WordPress CMS and also wanted to be able to sell products on the website and also offer a custom “lime calculator”.

Red Spot Design created a fully custom website using the WordPress content management system and WooCommerce Shopping cart system to allow the client the ability to update the website themselves anytime via an easy to use back-end admin area and sell their products online. We also created a custom calculator for their clients to calculate the amount of product needed per acre.

agritec international website design frisco texas

About Agritec International


We provide the most effective fertilizer for the working Americans’ crops. AgriTec International was founded on the idea of working smarter. AgriTec International provides scientifically formulated Liquid Calcium that boosts plant health and production. Applying the most effective nutrients for the best results from your crops is the most important factor for your crop production. Not only do we want to help increase the production that you get out of your land, but also want to do it while saving you money. We understand the work that goes into your land, and the time spent ensuring that your plants are healthy and you get the highest yield. We want to be there with you to increase your crop and most importantly the revenue that your crops can produce.


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