Pay Per Click Ad Management

We Make Pay Per Click Work! Want to See How?

How Google Pay-Per-Click Ad Management Works:

  • We customize plenty of ad variations in text and graphic to test what works best.
  • We ensure your ads ONLY show to quality audiences.
  • You will only pay for quality clicks.
  • We tweak and report to you REAL data that shows REAL ROI.

Pay Per Click

The great thing about Pay-Per-Click is that significant results can be instant.

The key to Pay-Per-Click is ROI. Honestly, Pay-Per-Click is not for every business, but our experience shows that the majority of the businesses who try Pay-Per-Click make it work. We have a decade of experience in making Pay-Per-Click work for dozens of businesses. PPC is a great way to get immediate visitors to your site while SEO is getting your pages ranked. Let us give you a free consultation and help you determine if Pay-Per-Click could be a good solution for you.

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Our Pay Per Click Services

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PPC Audits

We will audit on an ongoing basis and restructure campaigns to boost performance.

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Social Advertising

Red Spot Design can help you with paid social campaigns, such as Facebook advertising, that can be a huge “game changer”

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Google AdWords

Our team has a decade of experience and are certified by Google to create and manage effective PPC ads. Hiring us gives you an advantage.

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Bing Advertising

Our in-house Bing ads experts have the training and expertise you need.

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Display Advertising

Your display ads will be targeting specific audiences who host ads on their sites that already have similar interests.

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Remarketing & Retargeting

Improve return on investment by having ads appear in front of audiences that have already visited your website.

Brief Process of Our Pay Per Click Campaign

While it is true that SEO and PPC are often thought of as completely separate (and almost opposite) entities, the two practices should ideally be implemented together in order to make the best decisions and carry out the most effective strategies when optimizing your website long-term.

PPC is an abbreviation for Pay per Click advertising, and it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to initially bump up your website’s online presence. At Red Spot Design, we can help you to build a compelling PPC campaign. A Pay per Click campaign involves running paid ads for your company that will appear at the top of (and beside) organic search results in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. PPC (also known as Paid Search marketing) essentially means that your company will be shown as a result within the sponsored listings section of a search engine. As its name indicates, you will only pay when your ad is clicked. PPC is a good way to advertise when you are dealing with a controlled budget.

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PPC search results will have the word “Ad” next to them in order to alert consumers to the fact that your company paid for your website to show up in the results.

As we discuss on our organic SEO page, the majority of Internet users prefer to click on the first 10 organic search results. Organic search results are not paid for. Your company’s website can climb to the top of organic search results when a good long-term marketing plan has been put into place.

With that being said, even though having your company at the top of organic search results is the most desirable outcome, PPC is a very effective strategy while you wait for your web presence to be built. We advise our clients to take a two-pronged approach with their Internet marketing plan. We offer clients a managed PPC option while our SEO team works to research keywords and strategies in order to create a customized, long-term optimization plan for your company’s online presence.

The PPC team at Red Spot Design has been managing paid advertisements since they first appeared on the Internet. We have our own specialized strategies for managing PPC campaigns, whether your company is in the startup phase or is already well-established in your industry. Additionally, if you have an existing PPC campaign that you would like us to review and potentially revise, feel free to request that we complete a PPC audit.

Our bottom line is this: we legitimately don’t want to take your money unless our services are working for you. We genuinely want to improve your bottom line. If you’re not making money, we know that we need to work harder to ensure your success. Our teams have experience working with PPC and SEO together to make sure that your company is getting maximum exposure, which will ultimately transform into customers, sales, and profit.

Our Expertise Covers

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Advertising

What We Provide

  • Creating high performing ads that attract the audience you need
  • Daily monitoring of your campaigns
  • Restructuring campaigns to boost performance
  • Tracking your conversions
  • Precise targeting to the audience that will generate the best ROI for you

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