Dallas SEO- Why We Don’t Do Negative SEO

Have you ever heard of negative SEO ? Well, it’s become a hot topic of late.

Negative seo is basically the act of securing non-relevant, low quality, image damaging inbound links from the cheapest, dirtiest sites on the net, using anchor text to target over-used, and often blatantly offensive terms, then pointing them at a competitors site knowing their trust and authority within Google’s results will drop significantly.

The goal of any professional SEO should be to increase and enhance a site’s visibility and conversions.

However, SEO is not easy and it’s getting more competitive and difficult every day. Some SEO service providers lack the skills and education to actually move a site up in search results in a way that does not jeopardize the authority or image of the site. Negative seo is much easier to some.

The goal of negative SEO is the opposite of professional SEO. It’s goal is to decrease the ranking and credibility of a competing site so that his site moves up. Not by merit but by simply making the other guy’s site look spammy to Google, resulting in penalties, thus moving it down.

There are several ways of doing this beyond just pointing bad links at a site. Such as:

Death by Negative Comments and/or reviews on high profile sites such as twitter/yelp etc.

Death by 301 Redirects. This is where the negative seo practitioner builds horrible, spammy sites. They use similar url structure, graphics, meta tags and often go so far as hosting the site at the same host as the target and on the same IP.  Then they do everything possible to get the site banned by google.. Once penalized, they simply install a 301 redirect to the target site and POOF! That site too gets dinged!

Death by Virus: This where a virus is installed on the target, (usually by the site’s owners or employees opening a file from an email). Once the virus is on the target site, it will start displaying a pop-up warning surfers that this site is not safe.

Death by Social Media: This is where the negative seo sets up hundreds or even thousands of social profiles on sites like Facebook/Twitter/Digg etc. They then use these profiles to point severely spammy links to the target site. They use terms like Viagra/poker/porn/warez and a LOT worse to make it look like the target site is engaging in spamming social media.

Death by Tattling: The negative seo simply buys a few links from link brokers, then files a complaint accusing the target site of buying links.

But by far the most common tactic is –

Death Buy Links: This has always been by far the most common tactic of negative seo because it takes no skill and not much time. They simply buy, beg, borrow or steal links from link farms, bad neighborhoods and spammy, auto generated content sites and point those links to the target. Often this process is automated to make it appear the target site is securing LOTS of bad links indicating the intent of trying to game the search engine.

There are other ways but these are some of the more common ways this gets done to unsuspecting sites.



#1. We’ve been marketing online long enough to realize that negative seo focuses on someone elses business and to be successful, we need to never forget to focus on our own business.

#2. With current technology, negative seo isn’t as transparent as it once was and the quickest way to ruin your own reputation is to be outed as a lying, thieving, seo incapable of performing professional seo for your clients.

#3. Those tactics are always a short term solution. There will always be another competitor and we feel that NO ONE CAN CHEAT EVERYBODY ALL THE TIME. It is a never ending downward spiral and it’s a slippery slope that once you start down it’s VERY difficult to stop and go back up. We believe if you’re going down, there is only place you can eventually end up.

#4. It is totally against our morals, principles and ethics. It is wrong, period and we don’t do negative seo for the same reason we don’t rob banks, steal things that don’t belong to us or cheat our clients. We don’t murder, rape, rob, disrespect our elders, abuse our children or cheat on our wives. We don’t do those things because they are wrong and we believe there is a price to be paid for doing things you know are wrong!

We run our business the same we run our lives away from work. It may seem simple to some but actually living our philosophy sometimes takes courage, taking the long road and doing the right thing even if we know no one is looking.  We believe there is ALWAYS someone looking.

Our philosophy is simple. It’s called the DO Philosophy

We DO the best job we can DO

We are proud of what we DO

We DO what we say we will DO

We don’t expect everyone to live the same way we choose to live. We don’t expect everyone to run their business the way we run ours. Our business principles and our lifestyle are choices we have made and we believe everyone has the God given right to make their own choices. So, if you don’t have the same values as we do and want that type of service, just call me. I can certainly point you to a number of services that offer that type of SEO. But we don’t.

That said, if you’ve been the victim of such a campaign, we know how its done and we know how to fix it. Call me and let me have a look to see how bad it is and what it will take to fix it.

I cant promise I can tell you what you want to hear, but I do promise I’ll tell you the truth.

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