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wordpress woocommerce web design

Visit the FLO Nutrients Website – flonutrients.com

At Red Spot Design, we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to design a new website for FLO Nutrients, a sister company of one of our clients. The website, https://flonutrients.com/, was developed as an eCommerce site with the bones of an eCommerce function, allowing for online purchases in the future, but for now, the products are only available for purchase through a call to order.

wordpress woocommerce web designer

Our team of expert developers created a fully custom WordPress web design with eCommerce using the WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugin, showcasing FLO Nutrients products and information about the company. We also added a Feed Rates page to provide visitors with vital information on how much of each product to use for different plants and at different stages of growth.

The addition of a blog page was also crucial to FLO Nutrients’ website, allowing them to share their expertise in the field and provide visitors with educational content and industry news. Visitors can also sign up for the FLO Nutrients newsletter and learn more about the company through form fills on the site.

ecommerce wordpress web design

At Red Spot Design, we understand the importance of website security and maintenance, particularly for eCommerce sites. That’s why we also provide website hosting and WordPress security maintenance services to ensure that the website stays updated and secure with the latest WordPress core updates and plugin updates.

Overall, we are proud of our work on the FLO Nutrients website, which showcases our expertise in eCommerce website design and development. The website’s eCommerce functionality provides a strong foundation for future sales, while the About Us page, Feed Rates page, and blog page offer valuable information to visitors. Our website hosting and WordPress security maintenance services also ensure that the website remains updated and secure. We look forward to continuing to work with FLO Nutrients to support their website and online presence.

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