New Custom WordPress Website for Dallas Texas based Property Management Company

custom website design for dallas based cedar ridge property management

Visit the Cedar Ridge Property Management Website – cedarridgepm.com

Cedar Ridge Property Management, based in Dallas, Texas, recently decided it was time for a website upgrade. They chose Red Spot Design after reading many of our hundreds of website design testimonials.  The goal was to revamp their site into something more modern, while keeping it easy to manage on WordPress.

The old website of Cedar Ridge was dated and did not work well on mobile devices. It didn’t quite match up with the latest web trends, which is why they reached out to us. They wanted a website that not only looked new but was also user-friendly and easy to navigate.

First Steps: Getting to Know the Client

Our first step was to really understand what Cedar Ridge needed. We looked into their business, what they stand for, and the needs of their customers. This helped us figure out the best way to showcase their brand online.

Home Page Designs: Creating a Strong First Impression

We began with a few different designs for the homepage. Each design tried to capture a different side of Cedar Ridge’s business, allowing us to fine-tune and find the right look and feel they were after.

Designing the Subpages: Keeping Things Consistent

After settling on the homepage design, we moved on to the subpages. It was important to us that the entire website had a uniform style, ensuring a smooth browsing experience for visitors.

Final Touches: Getting Everything Just Right

Through a process of feedback and revisions with the Cedar Ridge team, we refined our designs until they were just right. This back-and-forth was key to making sure the final website was exactly what they wanted.

The New Cedar Ridge Website: Modern, User-Friendly, and Effective

custom web design for dallas based cedar ridge property management

WordPress as the Foundation

The new website (https://cedarridgepm.com/) is built on the WordPress CMS to make sure the Cedar Ridge team could easily update and manage the site themselves.

The Look and Feel: Clean and Professional

The website now has a fresh, professional appearance. It’s designed to be straightforward and easy to use, reflecting Cedar Ridge’s professional approach to property management.

Mobile-Friendly Design: A Must-Have

We made sure the new website works smoothly on all devices. In today’s world, it’s crucial that websites perform well on phones and tablets, not just desktop computers.

Informative and Engaging Content

We structured the website’s content to be engaging and clear. Visitors can easily find information about Cedar Ridge’s services and their commitment to quality property management.

More Than Just Design: Hosting and Security by Red Spot Design

Reliable Hosting Services

Good hosting is key for any website. We provide hosting for Cedar Ridge’s site, ensuring it’s not only up and running but also quick to load.

Keeping the Website Safe

We also handle the security maintenance for their WordPress site. It’s important to keep the website safe from online threats, and we make sure of that.

A Successful Redesign for Cedar Ridge

This project with Cedar Ridge shows our dedication at Red Spot Design to not just meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. The new website is more than just a digital space – it’s a true reflection of Cedar Ridge’s commitment to providing quality property management services.

At Red Spot Design, we focus on creating websites that meet our clients’ needs and appeal to their customers. For Website Design in Dallas or across the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex or across the USA contact us today at 214-432-1608 or toll free at 888-636-1344 to learn more about our web design services or complete our Free Online Request Form

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