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Are you a Clearwater Beach, FL business looking for a website design firm located in or around the Clearwater Florida area?

Red Spot Design is not actually located in Clearwater, FL and we are based in Dallas Texas. However if you are located in Clearwater, Bellaire, Dunedin, St. Pete or any of the surrounding areas we can still design your website.

So why are we talking about web design in Florida if we are based in Dallas? Because we LOVE Clearwater Beach.

We have family that lives in Tampa and each year we travel to Clearwater Beach for a family vacation. We love the beach, the ocean, the aquarium, the fun and the sun.

Here are some of our favorite things to do while in Clearwater Beach:

The Beach: of course we love to hang out at the beach and swim in the “clear water”.  My daughters love building sand castles, playing in the sand, searching for shells and sometimes finding hermit crabs.




Eating: if you like seafood then you will not be disappointment with all of the fresh seafood restaurants all over the island. One of our favorites is Frenchy’s and I love their Grouper Sandwiches.


Fishing: I am an avid largemouth bass fisherman but when we come to Clearwater I like to try my hand at salt water fishing. Although I have yet to catch anything really large it is always a great time just getting out on the water.


lizard fish clearwater beach

Clearwater Aquarium: this is a great place to take the kids. My daughters love going to see “Winter” and all of the other great animals at the aquarium.


So if you are in Clearwater and looking for an experienced, fast and affordable web design company be sure to give us a call.

With hundreds of web design clients in and around the State of Texas and across the USA we are your source for affordable web design services…even in Clearwater Beach Florida.

Contact us today at 214-432-1608 or 888-636-1344 or complete our Free Online Request Form for a no obligation estimate.

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