Redesigning Bumper Solutions: A Mobile Auto Body Repair Services Company’s Digital Transformation

mobile auto body repair company new website after re-design

Visit the Bumper Solutions Website – dfwbumpersolutions.com

When “Bumper Solutions”, based in Dallas Texas, approached Red Spot Design with their vision for a revamped website, they presented not just a list of changes but a vision for the future. It was clear from the outset: they had big dreams and an expansion plan, starting with Houston, Texas. But, just as importantly, they wanted a digital platform that could grow and evolve with their business. As designers and developers, we couldn’t have been more thrilled to bring this vision to life.

Taking On a Multi-City Vision with a Solid Foundation

Bumper Solutions’ main goal was to prepare for the future. While they were gearing up to branch out to multiple cities, beginning with Houston, they realized the paramount importance of having a website ready for this growth. A website isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality, scalability, and being a true representation of a brand. So, when they mentioned their intention to have individual landing pages for cities like Houston and DFW while ensuring the main site remained non-location specific, we immediately understood the challenge and the opportunity it presented.

The redesign wasn’t just about geographical expansion. Bumper Solutions had recently had a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) audit done, which gave them clear insights into the changes required for a more effective website. And while they had their list, they remained open to suggestions, a testament to their collaborative spirit.

From Vision to Reality: The Design Phase

Initiating the redesign, we began by creating multiple homepage demo designs. While they had given us a direction, it was crucial to experiment, iterate, and fine-tune. It’s a dance of sorts between the designer’s intuition and the client’s vision. We also dove into refreshing their logo, offering designs that retained their original essence while adding a touch of modernity.

Once we nailed down the homepage design, it was time to branch out. We presented subpage demos, ensuring every aspect of their business was showcased in the best light. Feedback flowed, tweaks were made, and gradually, the pieces started fitting together seamlessly.

A Seamless Integration with WordPress CMS

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) is crucial, and for “Bumper Solutions,” WordPress was the perfect fit. It provides the flexibility and scalability they needed. The site we developed beautifully encapsulates everything “Bumper Solutions” stands for. From detailing their core services – mobile auto body repair, bumper repair, dent repair, and RV & camper repair – to showcasing their craftsmanship in the gallery section, the new design is both user-friendly and visually appealing.

The Final Product: More Than Just a Website

Visit their new website at www.dfwbumpersolutions.com, and you’ll see a digital platform that’s more than a static page. It’s dynamic, interactive, and ready for the future. Every section, from their detailed service offerings to the before-and-after gallery, is crafted to offer visitors an insight into the quality and expertise of Bumper Solutions.

OLD website BEFORE website Re-Design

mobile auto body repair company OLD website before redesign

NEW website AFTER website Re-Design

mobile auto body repair company new website design

Wrapping Up

Collaborating with “Bumper Solutions” was not just about creating a website but about laying the digital foundation for a business poised for growth. At Red Spot Design, we take immense pride in understanding our client’s visions and turning them into tangible digital realities. We’re thrilled with the results of this project, and even more so, to be a part of Bumper Solutions’ journey towards expansion and greater success.

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