WordPress Website Redesign for CELEBRATE SEL (Successful Early Learning)

custom wordpress web design for celebratesel

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Celebrating Successful Early Learning with a Brand-New Website Redesign

At Red Spot Design, we have always prided ourselves on our ability to transform websites into compelling digital experiences. When Celebrate Successful Early Learning (Celebrate SEL) approached us with their project, we were eager to bring their vision to life.

Celebrate SEL is an organization known for their educational products designed to facilitate early learning. A family of lifelong educators founded it. Their offerings are rooted in a fundamental understanding of the needs of young learners. They provide an array of resources, including books, songs, animated videos, and digital e-stories. All of these are designed to instill foundational skills such as literacy, numeracy, and a love for learning.

The Celebrate SEL approach is unique. Their Original “Sing & Read” product line has become a favorite for children, parents, and teachers alike. The fun and engaging content is presented through creative songs and imaginative stories, with lovable characters set to familiar tunes.

When they approached us, Celebrate SEL had an existing WordPress website. Yet, it was not reflective of the vibrant, dynamic, and innovative nature of their brand. The site had a dated look and lacked the wow factor. They were looking for a fresh design that not only showcased their business but also provided a user-friendly interface for their customers.

OLD Website BEFORE Website Re-Design

old website before website redesign for celebratesel

At Red Spot Design, we took this as an exciting challenge. Our goal was to create a new website that mirrored the energy and creativity of Celebrate SEL while providing a seamless user experience.

We initiated our design process by understanding the specific needs of Celebrate SEL. The team at Celebrate SEL envisioned a platform where their customers could easily access their video subscription products. They also wanted their new website to embody the essence of their brand.

We started with creating different demo design options. It was essential to offer a range of possibilities. Celebrate SEL chose their preferred design, and we then meticulously worked to refine it. The final design was a custom WordPress web design with an integrated membership login system for easy access to their video subscription products.

The new website, located at www.celebratesel.com, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to promoting successful early learning. It boasts a modern, engaging design, with detailed information about the company and its products. The product pages for the “Sing & Read” English, Spanish, and Math Literacy Collections are comprehensive, allowing visitors to learn more about the educational tools available.

NEW Website AFTER Website Re-Design

wordpress subscription website design for celebratesel

wordpress subscription web design for celebratesel

One of the standout features of the new site is the snippets of subscription-based videos and music files. These give potential customers a taste of the fun, engaging content that Celebrate SEL offers. It’s a clever way of showcasing their products while piquing the interest of the site visitors.

wordpress subscription-based videos with snippets

We made sure to include a section for testimonials on the new website. This feature gives potential customers insight into the experiences of others who have used Celebrate SEL’s products. The testimonials are available in both written and video formats, providing a comprehensive view of the impact of Celebrate SEL’s offerings.

video testimonials on custom wordpress web design written testimonials on custom wordpress web design

Lastly, we included a blog section. This feature allows Celebrate SEL to share updates about their work, provide tips and resources, and engage with their community. It is a dynamic space where they can continue to foster a connection with their audience.

The new Celebrate SEL website is not just a platform for showcasing their products, but also a testament to their commitment to early learning. It stands as a vibrant, engaging, and user-friendly platform that truly encapsulates the essence of Celebrate SEL. The transformation of Celebrate SEL’s website was an exciting journey for us at Red Spot Design. We are proud to have partnered with them in their mission to foster early learning.

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