Web Design for Author Joseph Allen

Author website design for joseph allen books

Joseph Allen, a new author based in Dallas Texas, came to Red Spot Design looking to create an author website and to promote his new book and future books.

Red Spot Design created a custom static website that included all of his current and upcoming books, the author bio and what readers say testimonials

Visit the Joseph Allen Books website – www.josephallenbooks.com

author website design for joseph allen books

About the Book Counterfeit Luck

Counterfeit Luck – Most of us believe in souls, angels, and spiritual guides—but would we take to heart the guidance they offer? Hannah, Jake and Doc—three innocents in prison unjustly—are urged by souls named Ray into embracing the potent original energies of luck. Deaths, fires, explosions and their resistance to Ray’s guidance imparts their grasp of luck’s power, but when they prevail they find that they have changed inmate behavior. It does not stop there. Upon release, they save a girl with days to live, then thousands in an ending that seems wonderfully attainable. Counterfeit Luck is an irresistible romp through untouched territory as it chases a teary, life charging journey of hope.

Author Website Design

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