WordPress Website Redesign for Robotics Automation Company


wordpress web design for robotics company

Visit the Olympus Controls Website – olympus-controls.com

Crafting a Digital Presence for Olympus Controls

In the dynamic world of web design, blending aesthetics with functionality is an art. When Olympus Controls, a leading robotics and automation company based in Tualatin, Oregon, approached us at Red Spot Design, they were seeking just that: a website redesign that would not only reflect their cutting-edge technology but also enhance user experience while staying within the familiar territory of the WordPress CMS.

Understanding the Client’s Vision

Olympus Controls had an existing WordPress site that was functional but lacked the fresh, modern appeal they desired. They wanted a website redesign that maintained the core structure and ease of use of WordPress but with a more updated and engaging interface. Our task was not just to redesign a website but to capture the essence of Olympus Controls’ innovative spirit in a digital format.

The Design Process: A Collaborative Journey

Initial Conceptualization

Our journey with Olympus Controls began with an in-depth exploration of their needs and preferences. We presented a few preliminary home page designs, each encapsulating different aspects of their vision. These initial drafts served as a canvas for further refinement.

Iterative Design and Feedback

The design process was highly collaborative. We engaged in a series of revisions, incorporating feedback from the Olympus Controls team at each step. This iterative approach ensured that the final design aligned perfectly with their expectations.

Expanding Beyond the Homepage

Once the homepage design received the green light, our focus shifted to subpages. We created several demo designs for these, ensuring a cohesive look across the website. After approval, the real magic began – turning these designs into a fully functioning website.

The Final Product: A Website that Resonates with Innovation

A Visually Engaging and User-Friendly Interface

The new website for Olympus Controls, viewable at www.olympus-controls.com, is a testament to the power of thoughtful design. It boasts a professional and user-friendly interface, effectively mirroring the innovative ethos of the company. The site’s design not only appeals visually but also provides an intuitive user experience, guiding visitors seamlessly through the various sections.

wordpress website design for robotics company

Customization for Enhanced Management

Understanding the need for easy content management, we developed custom post types for team pages, product pages, and careers pages. This customization empowers the Olympus Controls team to update and manage their content effortlessly, without sacrificing design or functionality.

Ongoing Support and Security

Our relationship with Olympus Controls extends beyond design. We also provide website hosting and WordPress security maintenance. This ongoing support ensures that the site remains up-to-date, secure, and functioning optimally, allowing Olympus Controls to focus on what they do best – innovating in the field of robotics and automation.

Conclusion: A Partnership that Reflects Innovation

The redesigned website of Olympus Controls stands as a beacon of their commitment to innovation and excellence. For us at Red Spot Design, this project was more than just a task; it was an opportunity to help a forward-thinking company effectively communicate its vision and values through a digital medium. As we continue to support Olympus Controls, we are reminded of the transformative power of well-crafted web design and the importance of truly understanding our clients’ needs.

5 STAR Web Design Review from Client

RedSpot was able to build a brand new company website for us in just a handful of months to our high expectations! All work was quick and well-communicated. – Nick Armenta – View Review

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