10 Things All Author Website Designs Need

You’re an author who has penned a book you’re excited to put forth to the public. The problem is, despite your promotional efforts, you aren’t gaining the traction you need. At Red Spot Design, we’ve worked with many authors who have faced this same challenge. The solution? Outstanding website design for authors.

If you don’t already have a freshly-updated website that has the specific needs of an author in mind, you’re likely missing out on one of the single most effective tools in the modern writer’s arsenal.

Today, we’re sharing our method for designing websites for authors, including the key factors every successful site has in common.

What Does a Successful Website Designed for Authors Contain?

1 – A Clear Focus on Selling Books

While you won’t directly explain to your website visitors that the purpose of your website is to sell your work, Red Spot Design will work with you to create a website wherein all landing pages are synergistically designed to increase your book sales.

2 – An Inviting Essence

Visitors to your website should feel welcome, and that by staying, they are connecting directly with you. This means it’s essential for you to have a website that is custom-designed to illustrate the essence of your creative self.

3 – A Homepage with User-Friendly Navigation

Once visitors have entered your homepage, navigation to every section of the site should be easily visible and accessible, irrespective of their level of online experience.

4 – Uncluttered Design with Just the Right Features

You’ve doubtless visited websites populated with pages that are so jam-packed with content and walls of text that you’ve lost interest within two minutes—haven’t we all?

Regardless of the value of your work, your audience won’t be receptive to it unless it’s presented in a clean, uncluttered format.

5 – A Professional Headshot

Every author should have a headshot taken that distills the image they want to project. If you have not yet hired a professional to take this quintessential image of yourself, consider this a sign that it’s past time.

Your headshot will be featured throughout your website, and will help visitors feel connected to you as they browse.

6 – A Spotlight on Your Latest Book

As you publish new titles, your most recent endeavor will be spotlighted on your home page. Visitors who are looking for information about this book will be met with details right away, and those who are not yet aware that you’ve published a new book won’t miss your news.

7 – Your Books, Including Descriptions and Excerpts

Additionally, every one of your books will be featured on your website. We will include both a punchy one- or two-sentence description and a lengthier excerpt to draw your readers in.

8 – A Personal Page About You

Visitors to your website want to know more about you. This page can be similar to the “About the Author” content you usually share, or it might contain more personal details. Ultimately, the extent of this content will be down to your preference.

9 – Your Contact Information

This will include your email, PO Box, blog, and every active social media handle.

10 – A Call to Action, Complete with Incentives

If you want people to join your email list—and you do—we recommend including an incentive. Whether it’s a description of what kind of content they can expect, or a promise of a monthly book giveaway, it should be exclusive to your email subscriber list.

We invite you to view recent examples of our author website design clients.

Custom Web Design for Authors

If you are a writer or author and are looking to promote yourself and your books then look no further than Red Spot Design.

At Red Spot Design, our website design team will create an author website that will match with the atmosphere of your books as well as give visitors information needed about you and how to contact you. We are your source for author web design services.

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