What Are the Keys to Self-Publishing? Its Pros, Cons, and Author Website Services

Best Author Website Options

Being an author is something that needs a lot of work and patience. Authors tell different stories, and being one of the best writers may not gain one the required recognition. Most authors seek to be published by an organization in hopes of becoming a bestseller. However, that route is not an easy one as finding a publisher can be difficult. However, we live in a technological era where the internet connects people all over the world. It may not be easy to find a publisher. However, with about 4-billion people in the world having access to the internet, one can be a successful author by having their books online.

Self-publishing has grown with the internet being easy to navigate and a trustworthy place to have books. To be self-publishing, one needs to have a website where the books can be posted and updated, among other information given. Self-publishing is a bold route to take and has helped thousands of authors to be successful and independent at the same time, which is very enviable to many. There are many keys to self-publishing, and they include the following:

1. Get an Experienced Editor

When you are a self-publishing author, the editor should be one of your closest friends. You will need to have an experienced editor who will be honest and make all the necessary corrections. The editor will help you fine-tune your book into a beautiful finished product.

2. Buy Your Own ISBN

An ISBN will pertain vital data of your book, and buying one will list you as the publisher to other booksellers. It will also give you full control over the book.

3. Get a Professional Cover Design

The adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” was created because most people do so. To be a self-published author, the cover design of your book should be one that captures the audience’s attention. You can get several buyers and readers from having a professional and enticing cover design.

4. Have a Professional Website

The best place for self-publishing authors to sell has been established to be online. You should have a professional website where all the particulars of your books and your description as an author will be placed. The website should have segments such as blogs, your contact information and should update followers on any releases and many more.

Pros of Being a Self-Publishing Author

Being a self-publishing author has a lot of advantages. The main one that people consider is the independence that comes with it. Being an author needs a lot of creativity. Publishers may force people to omit or add aspects to a book that can divert what the book was looking to accomplish. There is also a better payment being self-publishing as all the royalties will be yours. Book payments can be problematic, and having a publisher taking a large portion of the royalties can reduce the profits that you get. The “shelf-life” of self-publishing authors is also better than that of those who are working with publishers. Publishers can change their top picks weekly, while being self-published means that you can have your book as the main read for people for a whole year. Faster exposure is also a benefit of being a self-published author. Running your own campaigns and focusing on a particular series can make exposure come faster. It is faster than waiting to find a publisher and agreeing on terms of how to make the book known.

Cons of Being a Self-Publishing Author

Being a self-publishing author also comes with its challenges. One of them is editorial support. As said earlier, the role of an editor is crucial, and without an editor, the book may not reach its full potential. This can be tackled by hiring a professional and proven editor for you. Another shortcoming is that you will not have enough marketing support. Big league publishers usually have a lot of funds for marketing, and their status alone can be good for marketing. That is one thing that self-publishing authors miss out on. However, not all authors under a publisher get the same marketing support as fellow authors under the same publisher. Finding a reliable publisher can also be tough.

Website Design for Authors

Knowing all about being a self-published author directs most to one place, the website of a self-published author. Being self-published gives a person a lot of independence and can be very advantageous. The only thing left for such an author is to have a professional website design. For that, one has to work with a professional team. Red Spot Design is the trusted team for website design for authors. We are a team that has all the knowledge on what a self-publishing website needs, and we will guide you on ways that it can become the best yet.

We have years of experience in author website design and have made many websites for authors. We have an excellent track record and are looking to make you the best custom website design for authors. We make unique websites for all our authors, and we will work closely with you to ensure that you have a website that is to your liking and needs. We handle all particulars of the website, such as domain, speed, and aesthetics, as well as vital information that you will need for the website.

Red Spot Design has worked with several self-publishing authors, and we know the challenges that come with that line. We understand that a website is one of the best ways to get a breakthrough, and we will help you sell your books online fast. A website is one of the best ways to be self-publishing, and with other SEO strategies, you will have a hit book in no time. We are ready and willing to work with you. Whenever you are ready, we will get started on the ways that you can have the best self-publishing website possible. Call us anytime at 214-432-1608 to get started.

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Does an Author Need a Website?

As a budding author, you want to make sure you have many people read and enjoy your book. However, among the challenges that come from this is the lack of enough exposure. Even though you wrote the most exciting book, that alone will not bring in a lot of value since you must promote your piece of writing as fast as possible.

Trying to reach your target audience is never an easy task, so you must push the boundaries. That’s why promoting your book through the author’s website is the best choice. There are many author web design options you can choose from. Here are the reasons you need an author’s website.

The lack of enough exposure is eliminated when you hire author website design services to create an informative site for you. With a well-optimized website, readers will easily find your book, and many people will begin learning about your book. They’ll also be able to share the book’s website with their friends and colleagues.

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