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lift truck supply web design tyler texas

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Lift Truck Supply (LTS) is a well-established company based in Tyler, Texas, that specializes in providing high-quality lift truck supplies to their clients. The company was founded in 1982 and is the oldest Toyota forklift dealer in the state of Texas. With a humble beginning as a small shop with only two employees, LTS has grown significantly over the years and now operates across Central and East Texas with five locations and nearly 100 employees. The company’s corporate headquarters in Tyler maintains over 28,000 square feet of warehouse and service space, allowing them to offer a wide range of services and products to their clients.

As part of their commitment to excellence, LTS decided to update their outdated website and approached Red Spot Design for their Tyler web design project. LTS wanted to revamp their website with a completely new design that would reflect their brand identity and allow them to better serve their clients.

Red Spot Design’s team of experienced web designers and developers worked closely with LTS to understand their requirements and come up with a fully custom website design. The website was built using the WordPress content management system (CMS), which allowed the client to update the website themselves at any time via an easy-to-use back-end admin area. The CMS also allowed for easy integration with other features, such as the WooCommerce shopping cart system, which was used to manage LTS’s inventory of lift truck supply parts.

One of the key challenges faced by Red Spot Design was the sheer size of LTS’s inventory. The website needed to be able to handle over 12,000 products, each with its own description, specifications, and pricing information. To manage this large inventory, the team worked with LTS to create a comprehensive product management system that would allow them to easily add, edit, and remove products as needed. The team also implemented a robust search and filtering system that would allow users to quickly find the products they were looking for based on a range of parameters, such as product type, price range, and availability.

The design of the website was another important consideration. Red Spot Design worked closely with LTS to create a custom design that would reflect the company’s brand identity and values. The website features a clean, modern design with a focus on user experience and ease of use. The home page features a large banner image with a clear call to action, inviting users to explore LTS’s products and services. The layout is clean and uncluttered, with clear navigation and prominent calls to action throughout the site.

lift truck supply web design tyler texas

The website also includes a range of other features designed to improve the user experience and help LTS better serve their clients. For example, the site includes a blog section that allows the company to share news and updates with their clients and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. The site also includes a comprehensive contact form that allows users to get in touch with LTS quickly and easily, as well as a range of other interactive features, such as product reviews, social media integration, and more.

The new website has been a great success for LTS, helping them to better serve their clients and stay ahead of the competition. The site has received positive feedback from users and has helped the company to establish a stronger online presence. By working with Red Spot Design, LTS was able to create a fully custom website that met their specific needs and reflected their brand identity. The site is easy to use, easy to manage, and has helped the company to achieve their goals of providing high-quality lift truck supplies and services to their clients.

5 Star Web Design Review From Client

We are so glad to have found Red Spot Design. David and Dania were great to work with; they were responsive, listened to my needs, and went the extra mile to complete my project. We are satisfied with their work and have signed up for some additional services. I can trust they will do a good job!
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Lift Truck Supply is located in Tyler Texas at 3305 Robertson Road, Tyler, TX 75701 and they also have offices in Mt. Pleasant, Temple, Cedar Park, and Texarkana Texas.

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