Custom Web Design for Vet Ranch that has 3 Million YouTube Subscribers

Vet Rach Custom Web Design

Visit Vet Ranch at www.vetranch.net 

Vet Ranch is an organization that provides veterinary treatment for homeless animals.  They have almost 3 Million YouTube Subscribers, 150,000 Instagram Followers, and over 200,000 Facebook Followers yet they did not have a website.  They contacted Red Spot Design looking for a website to go with their huge social media presence and also wanted to promote their services, pet adoptions and get donations.

Red Spot Design created a fully custom website design with integration into the WordPress CMS to allow the client the ability to update the website themselves anytime via an easy to use back-end admin area. We also integrated their YouTube Channel to show the latest videos from their highly rated YoutTube channel as well integrated their pet adoptions and merchandise systems into the website.

vet ranch custom website design

About Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch Is a YouTube Channel created by Dr. Matt Carriker in 2014. Our goal is to spread awareness of the many homeless animals in need of medical attention. It all started when he received an after hours call to euthanize a stray dog that had been hit by a car. After picking up the dying pup from a dark road and taking it to the clinic, Dr. Matt saw a glimmer of life in her eyes and made the decision to try to save her rather than euthanizing.

He pulled out his trusty iphone and began to film the process of bringing the sweet black lab back to life.

In 2021, Dr. Matt passed the torch to Dr’s Karri, Judd, Dave & Wendy to continue saving lives of Texas Abandoned Animals as they are “The Voice for the Voiceless.”


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