Custom WordPress Website Design for Dallas Based Executive Search Firm

custom wordpress web design for hodges partners executive search

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As an executive search firm that places a premium on results, Hodges Partners, based in Dallas, Texas, believes in the power of first impressions. When they approached us at Red Spot Design, their need was clear: they wanted a website design that embodied their branding, culture, and services. Using their PowerPoint files as a basis for the site’s visual identity, they gave us an ambitious deadline, underlining the urgency of the project. Despite the tight timeline, we were excited about the challenge and eager to create a site that would reflect the firm’s commitment to excellence.

The first step in our design process was gathering as much information as possible about the project. We understood that to design an authentic online presence for Hodges Partners, we needed to fully comprehend their unique selling propositions, corporate ethos, and specific expectations for the website. Armed with this understanding, we commenced work on a demo design for the home page.

To our delight, we hit the mark on our first try, crafting a design that resonated with Hodges Partners’ vision. Although it was close to what they had envisioned, we felt it could be improved further. Therefore, we made several iterations, fine-tuning elements here and there to attain a design that not only met but exceeded their expectations. Once the home page design was approved, we moved forward to demonstrate several subpage designs.

custom wordpress website for hodges partners executive search

Building on the approval and feedback we received, we began working on the full website. The cornerstone of our web solutions, Red Spot Design’s approach, is customization. For Hodges Partners, we created a fully custom website, integrating it into the WordPress Content Management System. This integration empowers our clients with the ability to maintain their website themselves, making it both a practical and an attractive solution.

We tailored the website to be a reflection of Hodges Partners and the quality of the services they offer. It contains crucial information such as “Our Capabilities,” which delineates the scope of their expertise, “The Hodges Difference,” explaining what sets them apart from others in the industry, and “Diversity,” showcasing their commitment to inclusive hiring practices. There’s also a section named “Your Partners” introducing the team, “Featured Placements” highlighting their successful executive placements, and “Why Boutique,” articulating the advantages of their boutique approach.

In the spirit of true partnership, we also ensured to meet Hodges Partners’ ambitious deadline. You can now visit their new website at www.hodgespartners.com, designed and delivered within the stipulated time.

But our engagement with Hodges Partners didn’t end with the delivery of the website. At Red Spot Design, we believe in providing end-to-end solutions, which includes the important, often overlooked aspect of website maintenance. We offer website hosting and website security maintenance to ensure that their digital presence is not only engaging and appealing but also secure and updated.

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