How To Generate More Leads For Your Business

No matter what business you are in, you need prospects. You need people to market to, in the hopes of turning those leads into customers.

You need more eyes on your website so you can show what your business has to offer.

Regardless if your business is a local coffee shop or an online store you can benefit from these ideas to generate more leads to fill your sales funnel, build your email list, and hopefully turn into cash-paying customers.

Not all these ideas will relate to your business but scan down to see which ones you can start implementing this week.

1. Start A Podcast

It seems everyone has a blog, but few marketers have podcasts. Video and audio podcasts can engage your audience much better than a text-based approach.

2. Have Twitter Do The Work for You

FollowerWonk.com helps you analyze the behavior of your followers on Twitter. You can also find industry influencers and connect with them, find out what time your followers are the most active on Twitter, and reach the people that are interested in your niche.

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3. Publish Content Frequently And Regularly

Imagine these two scenarios.

You have 2 almost identical businesses offering similar products and services. It looks like either business can help with your situation. One business publishes an informative blog post, videos, and a podcasting episode every week.

The second site rarely updates its content. Which one will you do business with?

Adding information to your blog or website frequently, and on a regular schedule, improves your chances of connecting with your audience.

3. Harness The Power Of Information Databases

Data.com is just one of many websites where you can find potential leads for your business. You have access to company contact information and other relevant data which allows you to target exactly the businesses and individuals who may be the perfect prospects for what you are offering.

Use Linked In to generate leads

4. Develop A Presence On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of regular users. It is a professional version of social media sites like Facebook or Pinterest, offering several ways to publish material that you can use to drive serious business professionals back to a landing page or lead generation funnel.

5. Answer Questions On Q & A Sites

People online flock to websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, and WikiAnswers to ask questions about any and all topics. This is a way to prove yourself as an informed leader in your field. The search engines on these sites allow you to target a particular question or topic, and when people see your answers, you can lead them back to your website.

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6. Record Helpful Videos

There are dozens upon dozens of video-sharing sites that attract millions of frequent users. YouTube and Vimeo are just two of the many web properties where you can host videos where you solve real problems in the lives of your prospects.

Video “connects” with your target market much better than text-based content and makes it easy for people to see exactly how you can help them.

7. Host A Contest

Contest-hosting sites such as RaffleCopter, WooBox, and PageModo help you run a simple contest on social media sites. When people think they have a chance to win a valuable prize, they will sign up for your email list or newsletter.

A veteran strategy here is to offer consolation prizes to everyone who does not win the main prize.

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8. Let Before And After Photos Work For You

We all love amazing before and after photos because they grab our attention and get us to think about what is possible.

Almost every business can gain more leads by taking good photos of their work and regularly posting them to your social media and blog.

9. Collect And Publish Reviews

Reviews can make or break your business but if you don’t have any you’re totally missing out on potential leads.

People want to see what others are saying about you and your business and the only way to get those testimonies are to start asking your satisfied customers to post a review.

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10. Pick 1 Social Media And Master It

There are many different social media platforms and they all have their own special algorithm to figure out. Start with the one you are already using and create an account for your business. Regularly post photos and content your potential customer would like to see and be sure to link it on your website.

11. Get Help From Professionals

It’s hard to run your business and market it at the same time.

Here at Red Spot Design, we focus on creating a functional and beautiful website that will attract customers to your business but did you know we can also help you with your review management?

Read more about the power of online reviews and how we can help you get them easily and painlessly.



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