New Custom eCommerce Website for Dallas Texas based Family Golf Carts

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Creating an online presence is essential for businesses, and at Red Spot Design, we are committed to bringing our clients’ visions to life. Our latest project with Family Golf Carts, a new business selling efficient, affordable electric lithium-ion golf carts based in Dallas and Mount Vernon, Texas, shows our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Family Golf Carts came to Red Spot Design looking to develop a dynamic new custom website that would not only showcase their innovative products but also streamline their sales process across the state of Texas. They emphasized the need for a platform that was not just visually appealing but also user-friendly, allowing them to easily update content and manage orders.

Web Design Demo Phase

To start this project, we began with our discovery phase, gathering all necessary information to understand the unique aspects of Family Golf Carts’ business and their specific needs for their new website. 

We then moved on to create several home page demos, presenting various design options to capture the essence of Family Golf Carts’ brand. Feedback was integral at this stage, and through a collaborative process of review and refinement, we honed in on a design that was just what the client wanted.

After the home page design approval, we developed demos for the subpages and product pages, ensuring a cohesive look and feel throughout the site. Each demo design brought us closer to a website that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations.

Development and Launch

Once the Demo designs were all approved, our development team took over and transformed the approved demos into a fully functional website. Built on the WordPress CMS and integrated with the WooCommerce shopping cart plugin, the new Family Golf Carts website offers an intuitive user experience and seamless e-commerce capabilities. The site was fully tested on different screen sizes, browsers and mobile devices to make sure it works great no matter how users access the website.

custom web design for dallas texas based family golf carts

custom web design for dallas texas based family golf carts 2

custom web design for dallas texas based family golf carts 3

Key Features

The Family Golf Carts website has several key features that align with the client’s requirements for an easily manageable and secure online platform:

  • Custom E-commerce Solution: Leveraging the flexibility of WooCommerce, we tailored an e-commerce solution that fits the specific needs of Family Golf Carts, enabling them to showcase and sell their products with ease.
  • Content Management Ease: With WordPress as the CMS backbone, the site is designed for easy content updates, allowing Family Golf Carts to keep their product listings and information current without needing extensive technical expertise.
  • Security and Maintenance: Recognizing the importance of security and uptime, we also provide ongoing website hosting and WordPress security maintenance services, ensuring that the site remains secure, updated, and operational at all times.

shopping cart website design for family golf carts

The new Family Golf Carts website is more than just an online store; it’s a digital extension of their brand, offering an immersive and user-friendly experience to customers across Texas.

At Red Spot Design, we are proud to have been a part of this journey with Family Golf Carts, and we look forward to continuing to support their growth. Our mission remains clear: to create beautiful, functional websites that drive success for our clients.

At Red Spot Design, we focus on creating professional custom websites that meet our clients’ needs and appeal to their customers. For Website Design in Dallas or across the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex or across the USA contact us today at 214-432-1608 or toll free at 888-636-1344 to learn more about our web design services or complete our Free Online Request Forms

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