Responsive Web Design Nightmares and How to Avoid Them


Responsive web designs have been around for almost three years now. And in the context where competition exists, designers must adapt to the ever changing landscape of the web design industry. Designers need to work with and even develop new ways of improving user-interface experience for clients. Since a responsive design is still in its infancy stage, problems arise from time to time. Identifying these problems and knowing ways on how to deal with them is another step that leads the advancements in web design industry. Here’s a list of the most common problems encountered with Responsive Web Design (RWD) and the ways on how to troubleshoot them:

Static Design Phase Deficiency – RWD enables designing more concepts with fewer layouts. Before starting on any project, one should first note down ideas and concepts to be applied. This will enable you to indentify better designs to properly synthesize the plan. Another benefit it can manifest is creativity enhancement which is vital for any web design project.

Old Fixed-Width Conversion – This is one of the biggest problems encountered with RWD. An easy solution is to target a Greenfield rebuild.  It is no doubt easier to rebuild than to reverse engineer.

Older Versions of Internet Explorer – The main problems encountered from Internet Explorer is the deficiency in CSS media query. Media queries from mobile internet devices 320 and up having loading issues. Use Polyfill or have your web developer use some alternatives that will benefit both parties.

Images, Tables, and Navigation Problems – Navigation strategy must be considered depending on the site’s design, content and info. You can easily search the web for different application techniques and/or plug-ins by web image and photo experts.

Testing, Compatibility and Cost – Troubles on how to test the responsiveness of the design, what devices would it be compatible with, and the huge cost from building test suites for devices may arise once the project is complete. Device sharing and continuous resizing is best solution available right now.

Looking out for these things early on will certainly save you time, money and effort. Clients are advised to go for Web Design Companies by looking directly to their end products, and not from recommendations provided by unreliable sources.

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