Two Custom Websites Designed for Houston Aviation Company

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Aviation company website design for thunderbird airways

Visit the Thunderbird Airways Website – thunderbirdairways.com

At Red Spot Design, we pride ourselves on transforming our clients’ visions into tangible, digital realities. One such endeavor recently brought us face-to-face with the esteemed private jet charter aviation company, “ENG Aviation”, based in Houston, Texas. ENG Aviation approached us with a challenge; not only did they wish to refresh the website for their primary business, www.engaviation.com, but they also wanted to breathe new life into the website for their affiliate, Thunderbird Airways at www.thunderbirdairways.com. Both sites were crafted using the WordPress CMS, and while the client wanted to continue to use  WordPress, they were determined to overhaul the overall aesthetics and functionalities. The journey was thrilling and here’s a snippet of our experience.

1. The Initial Briefing

Our first step was to sit down with the ENG Aviation team to understand their vision. While they were clear about retaining WordPress as the CMS of choice, they desired a radically different look and feel. They wanted something modern, user-friendly, and reflective of the luxury and professionalism synonymous with private jet chartering.

2. Home Page Demo Designs: Setting the Tone

We believe that the home page of a website is akin to the cover of a book; it should captivate and intrigue the visitor. Thus, we started by presenting the ENG Aviation team with a few demo designs for both the websites. These weren’t just random designs but were curated based on the clients understanding of the aviation industry, the target audience, and the brand’s persona.

The feedback loop was constructive. We presented, they critiqued, and together, we iteratively refined the designs. We didn’t stop until we achieved the perfect alignment with their vision.

3. Delving Deeper: The Subpage Designs

Once the home page designs were finalized, we turned our attention to the subpages. These are the chapters of our book, providing depth and details. For ENG Aviation and Thunderbird Airways, these pages would include essential sections like the company’s history, FAQs, career opportunities, and more. Each subpage demo was crafted with the same meticulous care, ensuring that the aesthetic theme remained consistent while tailoring content presentation to suit the specific nature of the page.

4. The Cherry on Top: Flight Booking Engine for Thunderbird Airways

A particularly interesting option was the “Book a Flight” engine for Thunderbird Airways. This isn’t just a form; it’s a comprehensive tool that helps potential travelers easily charter flights. Our goal was to integrate the client’s prebuilt booking engine so the user experience was as seamless and intuitive as possible, ensuring that users could access this feature without any hiccups.

5. The Final Product: Two Stunning WordPress Websites

After days of design, development, and rigorous testing, we were proud to unveil two beautifully redesigned WordPress websites for ENG Aviation and Thunderbird Airways. Both sites now not only provide comprehensive information about the companies but also offer an immersive user experience. Whether visitors are looking for information on career opportunities, seeking answers through the FAQ section, or hoping to charter a private flight through Thunderbird Airways, they can do so with ease and style.

Custom WordPress Web Design for ENG Avaition

Aviation company web design for eng aviation

Custom WordPress Web Design for Thunderbird Airways

Aviation company web design for thunderbird airways


At Red Spot Design, we’re always ready for the next adventure, and we can’t wait to see where the digital winds take us next!

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