Custom WordPress Web Design for Dallas-based Flooring Contractor

website design for flooring contractor website

There’s a new player in the Dallas, Texas flooring scene – Flooring Guru. This new flooring contractor has entrusted their web design to us at Red Spot Design, and we are thrilled to showcase the results. Our goal was to create a visually stunning, informative, and navigational website, and we did just that.

Our Process

First, we took the time to fully understand the scope of the project and what the client wanted. They wanted a website that provided information about their company and years of experience and also to show projects of work they had done. It was crucial to create a website that resonated with Flooring Guru’s core values and communicated its offerings effectively. This understanding is the foundation of our web design strategy. It guides every design decision and ensures a flawless end product.

After gathering the required information, we dove into the phase of creating demo designs. We offered different design options to the team at Flooring Guru, allowing them to select the one that most closely represented their brand.

Once they made their choice, our process didn’t end there. We fine tuned the design, narrowing it down to the exact design the client wanted. Feedback was sought and changes were made until we achieved a design that perfectly embodied Flooring Guru’s identity.

The Website

We are excited to unveil Flooring Guru’s stunning new website. The beautiful design houses an abundance of information about the company and their unique process. A key feature is the “Where Do I Start” page, which guides visitors on how to select flooring. This informative section is a testament to Flooring Guru’s commitment to customer service, offering valuable insights to visitors right on their website.

web design for flooring contractor website

An aesthetically pleasing and organized portfolio of past projects is also available for potential clients to view. This section is a visual delight and effectively communicates the level of expertise and craftsmanship at Flooring Guru. High-quality images, accompanied by project details, provide an in-depth view of what Flooring Guru has to offer.

portfolio page for flooring contractor websites

Additionally, the website hosts an informative blog. Here, visitors can read more about the world of flooring, discover the latest trends, and get expert tips. It’s an extension of Flooring Guru’s mission to be not just a service provider, but a knowledgeable guide in the flooring industry.

Finally, the Contact Us page offers an easy way for visitors to get in touch with Flooring Guru. It features an easy-to-use contact form and provides various contact methods, making it simple for anyone to reach out with questions or to schedule a consultation.


Our collaboration with Flooring Guru was a success. Through careful understanding, iterative design, and client feedback, we created a website that perfectly represents this Dallas-based startup. We invite you to visit www.flooringguru.us and experience the new standard in flooring contractor websites, proudly crafted by Red Spot Design. We believe you’ll find it a perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and information.

At Red Spot Design, we continue to provide our clients with tailored, high-quality web design solutions. We are committed to excellence, customer satisfaction, and making your digital space stand out. Whatever your web design needs may be, we are here to bring your vision to life.

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