New Website for DFW Open MRI in Dallas


Visit the DFW Open MRI website – dfwopenmri.com

DFW Open MRI, located in Dallas, Texas, came to us with a clear vision: they wanted to transform their outdated WordPress site into a modern, informative, and easy-to-navigate website. We’re excited to share the results of our collaboration.

Design and Development

Our team at Red Spot Design took on the challenge of creating a fully customized WordPress website specifically designed to meet the needs of DFW Open MRI. The new custom website site features a clean design that enhances the user experience and provides detailed information about their services. This includes in-depth sections on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), and Digital X-Rays.

web design for dfw open mri by red spot design in dallas

web design for dfw open mri by red spot design in dallas

We focused on intuitive navigation, ensuring that all information is easily accessible. The integration of dynamic elements such as Google Maps, with markers for DFW Open MRI’s locations, allows patients and physicians to find their facilities effortlessly. Each service provided by DFW Open MRI is thoroughly detailed on dedicated pages, which include information about the procedures, their benefits, and what patients can expect during their visits. This detailed approach is designed to ease patient anxiety and help them feel better prepared for their appointments.

services for dfw open mri by red spot design in dallas

Google Maps Integration for Locations

A custom Google Map integration marks the locations of DFW Open MRI, making it straightforward for users to find the nearest center. This feature is particularly useful for new patients and referring physicians.

locations page with mapping for dfw open mri by red spot design in dallas

Information for Patients and Physicians

The website includes information for both patients and physicians, such as how confirm your appointment, how to prepare for scans, what results to expect, and how to join the DFW Open MRI team.

patients page for dfw open mri by red spot design in dallas

Ongoing Support and Security

Beyond website design and development, Red Spot Design continues to provide website hosting and WordPress security maintenance for DFW Open MRI. This ensures that their website stays up to date and secure with the latest WordPress core software and plugin updates and secure, and performs optimally at all times.


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