The 3C’s of Powerful Content


When it comes to SEO, it has been said that content is king. But what does this mean? This phrase is often seen as one of SEO’s undying strategy, especially for bloggers, article and web content writers. But what makes a powerful content? What are the 3C’s of a powerful content? This article is to help you understand the three secrets that make content powerful – an important key element for a successful website.

1. Always Be Clear – Put the main idea or message first. Instead of providing a bunch of background information, get to the point. When online readers examine your content, they need to know what to expect. When your message is clearly stated, you enable readers to get the overall idea of the content. Make it simple and neat.

2. Be Concise – Getting people’s attention is the real challenge, especially in written materials. Keep words, sentences and paragraphs brief in all of your content. Use numbered or bulleted lists. Direct writing is much simpler to read and understand. It also encourages your readers to read further. In summary, create content that is short and straight to the point.

3. It Should Always Be Compelling – People love great informative subjects. In whatever topics you’re writing, ensuring that it hits the interest and curiosity from the reader will assure you that they will stay on your website. Interesting content is typically compelling and powerful. Before you start writing, always consider whom you’re writing for so that you know what topics will spark their interest.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. And even if you have the most beautiful website design, if the content isn’t clear, concise and compelling, odds are they’ll leave your page. To persuade people from staying on your site, your content must always spark the interest of your readers. If you are looking for advice on how to achieve this, you can always seek professional help from prominent web development companies.

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