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A Photographer’s Website Is Their Primary Marketing Venue

Websites are the marketing venue of choice for many, if not most, photographers today. When a photographer does not have a strong online presence, they are very likely missing out on business opportunities. Where does a potential client start when looking for a photographer for their engagement party, wedding, or baby’s first birthday party? Google. Red Spot Design will create a website that is optimized so that it appears at the top of search results in your area. We can make you competitive online.

A Photographer’s Website Should Communicate Their Vision

Naturally, a photographer’s website is primarily visual. Upon clicking to visit a photographer’s site, visitors should be greeted with carefully curated images that immediately communicate the photographer’s vision and style.

Almost as important, though, is the surrounding style of the website, which should support and enhance the style of the photographs. It isn’t all about the splash page; navigation, the surrounding colors, and the style of the font must all be coordinated to maximize the beauty of the photographs. Modern, sleek photography merits a streamlined design to match, whereas a photographer who focuses mainly on portraiture might benefit from a warmer, cozy and inviting style. Red Spot Design will collaboratively craft the site that perfectly matches your individual genre.

Remember, a gorgeous splash page is always the right choice, so have those perfect shots ready to share!

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Navigation Should Be Intuitive and Simple

 Visitors to a photography site don’t want to have to dig through the links for the information they want, nor do they want to have to figure out how to navigate the site at all; navigation should be intuitive and simple. Red Spot Design will ensure that your site offers quick, simple navigation that will guarantee that your visitors can easily find your contact information, accolades, and most stunning images right from the home page. Visitors will never click away from your site disappointed that they couldn’t figure out how to hire you.

Photographer Web Design

A Blog Can Communicate the Photographer’s Perspective

A blog is a venue where a photographer can share anecdotes, opinions, and perhaps even tutorials about their most popular images. Red Spot Design can incorporate your blog into your website. We’ll enable you to schedule posts to appear regularly on the blog, or work on them behind the scenes instead and launch each piece when you’re ready. However you decide to amplify your voice, Red Spot Design can create the perfect platform for you.

There’s No Time to Delay

If you’re a photographer who doesn’t have a freshly-designed website that has been fully optimized to appear in Google searches (this is called SEO optimization, and we’re experts!) – you’re losing business. Every time someone in your area uses Google to search for a photographer for their needs and another photographer in your area pops up instead of you, you’re virtually handing the job to someone else!

This is the time for you to make yourself competitive in your field. Invest in your business with a professional, highly visible site that truly communicates your style. Please contact us as soon you’re ready to get started or if you have any questions about how our services can help your business.

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